About us

Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd emphasises not only client satisfaction but also employee participation whilst adhering to internationally accepted Engineering norms and standards.

Of fundamental importance is the successful completion of any project in sound corporate governance and this is achieved by adhering to the following principles:


By practising sound environmental management principles, ensuring that designs and strategies comply with accepted norms and the client requirements, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd ensures that damage to the immediate terrain as well as any downstream region is prevented or maintained within the limit set by the clients.


Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd places the utmost importance on sound safety and health practices and the commensurate prevention of injury or loss of life arising from accidents, including losses of plant or infrastructure. Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd prides itself on a good Health and Safety record. We make it our priority that each site runs separately and has a full complement of safety officer, traffic safety officer, health and safety reps, first aiders and all relevant safety staff as set out by the client. We do each site-specific safety file “in house“, from where it is submitted to the client for approval. Daily safety meetings and monthly audits are executed monthly and no short cuts are taken when safety of drivers, public road users or any persons are involved. All plant and operators are medically examined on a yearly basis, plant checks are done daily and any faults reported and repaired immediately. A complete Safety Management plan is available on request, detailing minor procedures that are strictly adhered to on a daily basis./span>


By ensuring that all employees have equal opportunity to develop and excel, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd maximises the positive contribution of each individual to the benefit of the Company as a whole, thus fostering a spirit of companionship amongst all employees.


It is Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd mission to strive to fulfill the client’s expectations and ensure total client satisfaction by applying sound management strategies and ensuring the compliance of all parties to the above principles, thus ensuring timeous and cost effective completion of all contracts.