Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd have recently appointed two Black Directors namely Ms. Nondumiso Mamsy Gwala and Mr Rufus Buthelezi. Ms Gwala is a young and innovative Female Director aged 27 years and has a vast experience in construction industry spanning to 7 years. Mr Buthelezi, who has almost 15 years’ experience in the industry and have worked for Klus Civils for over 12 years, is an asset to the Company. We believe that these two young Directors will bring fresh minds and ideas to the upbringing of the company.

It is the policy of the Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd to involve as many young persons as possible from previously disadvantaged sectors of our community.  It is also our policy to employ and involve more and more previously disadvantaged individuals in our company and in the Civil Engineering Industry as a whole.

The company has been working successfully with SMME especially previously disadvantaged contractors, Previously Disadvantaged Individuals and other local community contractors for numerous years. A number of joint ventures have also been successfully completed by Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd. Our commitment and dedication to the success of the BEE requirements of the National Government speaks for itself.  Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd involvement with SMME/BEE companies on numerous projects has led to the strengthening of all parties involved as well as the overall strengthening of the Civil Engineering Industry as a whole in South Africa.

All projects executed for Department of Transport (KZN) have involved extensive BEE Joint Ventures. We are currently tutoring various companies and assisting them with material, plant purchases to upgrade their CIDB status. We have Enterprise Development plan in place to achieve the desired goal.

We also undertake to allow all persons to get involved and participate in the Civil Engineering Industry.  Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd undertakes to make use of local labour on the projects as far as possible.  In line and on the job training will also be done to further develop the skills of the locally employed persons.  Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd undertakes to uplift and develop the basic skills of all local labour employed on the project, by correct management and supervision.