This company has been involved in a wide variety of Civil Engineering projects spanning some 17 years and because of the company’s motto to strive for the best, we are in the process of applying for 9 CE status.

These projects have primarily been from Government, that is Department of Public Works, Department of Roads and Transport, Ezemvelo and SANRAL, just to name a few. The work has been varied and includes not only new construction, but also rehabilitation of existing roads and highways.


  • Chip and Spray ( single seal, Double seal and Cape Seal)
  • Asphalt (Paving of all types of asphalt mixes)
  • Layerworks
  • Plant Hire
  • Deep Insitu Recycling using Wirtgen Recycler
  • Multi Lane freeways and Toll Roads
  • Rural Roads
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • Turnkey Projects – Design and Construct Road Pavements
  • Concrete Pavement Inlays
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Mass Excavation and Earthworks
  • Dam Construction

By virtue of the direct involvement of the all company directors, a continuous standard of quality and excellence has been achieved over a considerable number of years.  This excellence stems from management’s inherent understanding of the work required, their vast personal experience and ability to be innovative in problem resolution.

Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd ability to correctly and intuitively apply its knowledge and expertise in order to facilitate unique solutions has ensured its continued success in a very competitive industry.

In addition to its own source of experienced staff and fleet of equipment,  has established over the years a network of technically qualified people and resources, thus enabling it to operate effectively in remote sites and locations, throughout Southern Africa.

With their large fleet of plant, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest privately owned fleet operators in Southern Africa.

Through their constant commitment to their mission statement and belief that personnel are their greatest asset, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd has succeeded in providing their clients with the most suitable equipment for the work at hand operated by personnel who are not only suitably trained and qualified to operate the equipment but are motivated in ensuring the complete satisfaction of the Client.

Backed by modern maintenance, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd has successfully established themselves as a top operator in the mass earthworks and earth moving market.  With high availability and top operators, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd ensures that all projects are completed on time and within the allowable budget.

Operating as fleet managers to the entire Company, Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd has contributed to the ability to apply more management time and effort to ensuring technical compliance and integrity of design and construction methods on projects and prevents valuable management time from being wasted on issues not directly related to the contract at hand.

This ability to mobilise large fleets of equipment at very short notice has been a significant contributing factor to the overall success of Klus Civils (Pty) Ltd.